Managed Security Services

Reinventing Managed Cybersecurity Services

While "Keeping the lights on" for deployed solutions is the mainstream trend in Managed Security Services, we strive to create innovative and effective services to address the complex challenges of cybersecurity operations in organizations of all sizes and types

GoSecure's offer includes:

  • Total lifecycle management of advanced firewall and Intrusion Prevention / Detection infrastructure;
  • Support for most market leading Advanced Firewall and Intrusion Prevention and Detection technologies
  • 24x7 live monitoring from the Security Operations Center
  • Protection against hacker attempts before they compromise your network
  • Continuous research and updating of attack signatures
  • Full Security Incident and Event Monitoring System integration
  • Complete Endpoint and Server Security Lifecycle Management: Managed Asset Inventory, Patch Management, Configuration Management
  • Access to operational and compliance reports
  • Customizable escalation matrix and operational procedures to best integrate with your organization

GoSecure’s Managed Cyber Security Services support market-leading Advanced Firewall, Advanced Malware Threat Prevention, IPS/IDS, SIEM, and Secure Remote Access technologies including those from CheckPoint, FireEye, TrendMicro, RSA, IBM, Fortinet and others. All alerts generated from across your security infrastructure are aggregated and correlated in real time. Our expert Security Analysts will monitor these alerts, eliminate false positives and escalate true threats to your organization.

GoSecure’s service provides comprehensive reports so that you have immediate and transparent access to your security status. All reports are based on real time information and can be accessed on-demand through a secure, web-based portal. The portal uses industry's leading client interface and provides you with asset-based views, trending and comparative analyses and technical reports. In addition, we generate compliance reports that identify the regulations you may be required to follow, the controls you have put in place by subscribing to our service and the evidence that you have followed those controls from data in our database.

Managed Firewall and Intrusion Prevention service provides you with industry-leading attack prevention and 24x7 security expertise in a cost effective bundle.

Our security research group leverages industry-leading threat visibility to identify emerging threats and continuously update security countermeasures.

With equipment that performs deep packet inspection and uses these countermeasures we help keep your critical assets safe against the latest attacks.