Corporate Ethics

At GoSecure, we follow our principles.

GoSecure and its employees shall ensure compliance with an essential principles of a code of ethics that governs our behavior. This is how we guarantee you a quality service with confidence.

Furthermore, our analysts and engineers must comply with their ISACA and ISC2 code of conduct and professional code of conducts such as the one set forth by the Quebec Order of Engineers (for engineers).

1. Confidentiality

This value is the foundation of our ethical code. We make sure to preserve the confidential information of our customers. The information collected can only be disclosed upon obtaining official permission from the company. In addition, your internal information never travels in our infrastructure through our decentralized approach and our technical controls. You can be assured that GoSecure does not induce additional risks by handling information unnecessarily.

2. Respect

We guarantee that communications, gestures and behaviors adopted by GoSecure and its members are conducted with the highest level of respect. It is upon this aspect that GoSecure has earned the trusted relationship it has today with its costomers. Moreover, at GoSecure, no form of corruption, harassment or discrimination has ever been tolerated, any occurrence would be sanctioned immediately. At GoSecure, respect for all is essential and this is what has awarded us our excellent reputation for so many years.

3. Competence

We will use our computer security skills to provide exceptional service. Our engineers work hard to deliver services that meet and exceed your expectations and stay innovative in the services rendered. To do this, GoSecure constantly invests a portion of its time to research and development. They refine and hone, by every means at their disposal, their skills to secure your IT infrastructure and systems, our biggest concern.

4. Professionalism

We are committed to professional behavior. Our diplomatic team serves while observing GoSecure's rules and ethical code. In addition, we promote teamwork, trust and collaboration to achieve results. Therefore, when in doubt, employees should check with their colleagues. Employees must show a minimum of care, GoSecure shows great faith in these employees. It is therefore expected that each employee is honest about his time by showing attendance at work and providing conscientious and honest work . Any absence must be substantiated and the employee must notify the employer as soon as possible. At GoSecure, our employees are asked to submit all documents clearly and concisely and with a formal structure.

5. Reliability

You can trust GoSecure without fear, we take at heart the commitments we make to our customers , that's why we make sure they are respected. The professional services offered to our clients require us to comply with certain IT security standards in order to offer the very best on the market. At GoSecure, we're not only just meet these standards, whether they are procedural, technical or professional, but we strive to exceed them (referring mainly to ITILv3 and Cobit).

6. The notion of conflict of interest

The notion of conflict of interest refers to a situation that can lead directly or indirectly an employee to favour his private interests, his business interests or the interests to the detriment of the interests of GoSecure, its partners or its customers, and any situation that may affect his judgment and his loyalty to GoSecure. Every employee is required to avoid such situations and, should it occur, it to report so that the conflict can be resolved. Employees must exercise judgment in every situation, mainly at social events with clients and suppliers and avoid any behavior that could lead to a conflict of interest.

7. Service Management

GoSecure's employees document every contract and step leading towards the realization of projects. They are also required to submit reports (preliminary findings) to the client and must retain them at least for the duration of contracts. Documents are stored electronically for a defined period of time. Employees must dispose of these documents according to the procedures and standards established by the company. Document retention can clearly document the work done and avoid ambiguity during consultations and/or future requests.