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A heightened level of detection and defense against the most sophisticated type of security threats – those that come from an Advanced Adversary.

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23 February 2017

GoSec Morning Editions – Novotel Montreal

Retour sur la conférence RSA 2017

Les Éditions Matinales GoSec sont de retour!

GoSecure vous invite à un petit-déjeuner afin que vous puissiez retirer le meilleur de notre expérience à l’un des plus grands rendez-vous de sécurité de l’information au monde, la Conférence RSA 2017. Lors de cette activité, notre équipe partagera avec vous les éléments clés et les nouvelles tendances du domaine présentés à San Francisco cette année!

Mathieu Grignon, GoSecure Julien Turcot, GoSecure

Présentateurs: Mathieu Grignon et Julien Turcot, GoSecure

Novotel Montreal, le 23 février 2017
8:30 – 10:30 AM

Ne manquez pas nos prochaines rencontres les 21 mars et 19 avril prochains !


Supported Events

07 March 2017

OWASP Quebec March 2017

Olivier Bilodeau will be giving a presentation on lessons learned hunting IoT malware.

13 February 2017

RSA Conference 2017

GoSecure is excited to announce its participation at the RSA Conference for its second consecutive year. We invite you to be our guest using the included courtesy code, offering an opportunity for you to meet with us during the expo, ask questions and learn more about our passion for this industry and our innovative Managed Cybersecurity Services.

01 December 2016

Botconf 2016

Olivier Bilodeau and Masarah Paquet-Clouston from the research team will present “Attacking Linux/Moose 2.0 unraveled an EGO MARKET”.

Can We Trust Social Media Data? Social Network Manipulation by an IoT Botnet

August 10th 2017

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July 20th 2017

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Opinion: Petya, NotPetya and what’s wrong with our industry?

June 30th 2017

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